A downloadable game engine

IFFY is coming soon!

IFFY (Interactive Fiction For You) is an open source text game engine template which you can modify to make your own interactive fiction games. It has been specifically designed for people who are not familiar with, or are afraid of, code.

The project is written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript with an easy to understand layout to allow you to change the text of rooms and objects, make new commands, change the layout and colours of the game window and ultimately give you the most control over your text game while taking away the hard work.

The game template is provided as a set of files which you can open and play in your browser and alter in any text editing software. IFFY is free, with an optional payment if you feel it is useful or enjoyable.

Please note, the game engine is still in development, so this features list may change depending on the implementation.

Currently implemented:

  • Create rooms, objects and commands.
  • Use direction commands to walk around rooms you've made.
  • Use common commands like LOOK, GET, DROP, INVENTORY, STAT, HELP, HINT to interact with the environment.
  • Inventory with items you can pick up and take with you.
  • An easy to understand layout for commands to create your own.
  • Play audio and show images to enhance your players' experience and bring your game to life.
  • A demo game which you can tweak to make your own full game.
  • Optional 'typewriter' effect to display text as if it's being written out.
  • An options page to add or remove features and change the default texts.
  • Unique themes made from CSS to swap between or make your own.

To do:

  • Full documentation which explains all the files included in the package (or, more likely, heavily comment everything)
  • Add a few more features to cover as much as possible
  • Tidy up the code a little

You are free to distribute or sell games made with IFFY, but not to resell IFFY as a template engine.