Mud Warriors is finished and released!

After six months of development, Mud Warriors is finally live!

The game is an adaption of Ryan Veeder's "Mud Warriors", a text game playable here. The gameboy version is filled with intricate tricks and effects not previously seen in a GBStudio game - including dynamic lighting on the player character, an interactive rickety bridge, and unique art on a per-room basis, as well as believable character writing and a gameplay length of about 45 minutes.

You'll be pleased to know that autosaving is also a feature, so you can pick it up and put it down any time.

The game falls solidly into a narrative exploration genre as you explore the playground of Mud Warriors to bring resolution to the after school mud war organised by the mastermind Mike.

We thoroughly hope you enjoy it.


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Congratulations to the release! Can't wait to try it on my Pocket GO S30. =)