We used to play games every day after school.
But I'm a big kid now. I don't play games anymore.

Ryan's Veeder's Mud Warriors is a narrative adventure game with a focus on story and exploration. It is also a Gameboy adaptation of Ryan's original text adventure game, which you can play here.


Cancel, speed text
Show Mud Warrior Pass
Display inventory

Original Story/Characters by Ryan Veeder
Written by Ryan Veeder and Lance Campbell
Art and Creative Consulting by Polyducks
Programmed by Lance Campbell
Music by Ryan Veeder
Produced by Lance Campbell

Install instructions

To run a .gb file, you will need an emulator. A popular emulator is VisualBoyAdvance. To make it work on real hardware, you can also run it on a flash cartridge such as the EverDrive.


Mud Warriors.gb 512 kB
Mud Warriors OST.zip 32 MB

Development log


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An absolutely delightful game! I played it on stream and really enjoyed it. Also, I found a thing in the credits, and I feel like there's some way to translate it:



I don't remember seeing any talismans tho...


I found the talisman and, uh, I have a lot of questions about that cutscene now lol

haha congratulations, I think you're the first and also I'm not entirely convinced you've reached the bottom of that particular rabbit hole.


Cool! Glad to hear someone found it :).


<span class="style-scope yt-formatted-string" <this="" game="" is="" very="" good!="" one="" of="" my="" favorite="" homebrew="" gameboy="" games.="" i="" did="" a="" speed="" run="" on="" this="" <="" span="">This game is very good! One of my favorite homebrew Gameboy games. I did a speed run on this game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GafbW4_eO-0</span>


I love the idea of doing a speed run on a slower, exploratory, narration-driven game. That's a lot of button mashing :). Thanks for doing this.


A visually stunning game!! I love how it takes the best aesthetic values of early pokemon overworlds and also pushes its restricted palette to the limit to make really beautiful scenes.

I haven't played the original but I am a big fan of the dialog and mood here, and I really like how it feels like a text adventure translated as an RPG. It makes exploring the world around you engaging.


Thanks for your kind words. Adapting an IF game was definitely an experiment for us. Glad it was something you enjoyed.


Mud Warriors is really cool!


Thanks for your support and for playing our game!

Your welcome, thanks for making an awesome game!


Really cool game ! Awesome experience !

Thank you for playing!

I got notifications for some other messages you've left me, but they're not appearing. Did they get deleted?


That was fantastic! Thank you!


Thanks for playing!


Great Game

Thank you!


Reminds me of Charlie Brown in that it totally creates a world these characters inhabit. Amazing work. The end sequence is a great payoff!

Thanks so much :~) I'm really glad people are able to sink into the world - the writers worked really hard to give them all strong, individual 'voices'.

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Ok , this got to be one of the best games ive played this year :p

I didnt know what I was playing at first but after a while playing I fell in love with it! Great job! Could easy be a perfect game if I could skip the same dialogueI got before from the same person xD but thats just me! LOVED IT!

here is my gameplay if you want to see,

Excellent, I look forward to watching through :~)


This is a master piece! Amazing

Thanks Pete :~)

Superb storytelling. I usually don't finish games at one go but on this one, I could not stop playing.  Great aesthetics. It would have been better if there is something to do in the actual mud fight. Some strategy maybe that we could apply to win matches where our stars are lower than our opponent.

Yes, the deterministic nature of the combat was something we discussed quite a bit, so I appreciate your feedback. Glad you enjoyed the story.


War has left me scarred. More please

We've ruined your childhood memories :).

I'm sure you will be hearing more from our little group soon. Thanks!


Every character is unique and has depth, which is pretty amazing with so few words. The art and animations really add to the gameplay and story. The music seemed to be pretty authentic gameboy style, and always felt fitting (I look forward to the full OST release!). I love that when played on mobile, the buttons are provided at the bottom half of the screen - like playing on a real gameboy!
My only wish was for a save feature, since I got half way through on my phone and when I opened the page the next day I had to start over. And it would be nice to go back and try to find a final piece of something I missed. But overall, I loved this and it got some mud on my heart - great job, team!


Thanks for your kind words and insight on our game.

There actually is an autosave feature in the game but I haven't been able to get it to work on my iPhone either. It should work in the browser and I *think* I tested the rom on an emulator and it worked there as well.

But, yeah, the phone implementation has been a bit iffy.


game has a soul

Thanks! That's exactly what we were going for so it's nice to hear we achieved that for you.


whelp that's an easy 10/10


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed our little game.