This is my entry for the Adventuron Cave Jam.

The obvious goal of the game is to find Mushrooms for your Grandmother. The less obvious goal is to explore, discover and perhaps uncover most of the (frankly too many) endings and eastereggs.

EXAMINE(X) any nouns which catch your eye. This was a 25 day jam, so I had a lot of time to add in flavour text for pretty much every noun.

The graphics are textmode made using REXpaint with a custom font and the palette Japanese Woodblock. The graphics purposefully have not been sharpened with CSS pixel rounding to emulate the smoothing of older screens without going full on filter.

Please enjoy this labour of love :) It's been exhausting.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(43 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure
TagsExploration, if, Narrative, Pixel Art, Story Rich, Text based, textmode


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Based on your hints in the comments and a lot of exploring, I think I got almost everything! I remembered the holidaymakers, my parents, had a cave monster hallucination at night, and even saw the lake monster (but I didn't do it all on one playthrough.. I wonder what happens then).

I didn't know if there was actually a magic word though :)

Anyway, really beautiful palette and art. I definitely need to play around with textmode, I really like the style.


such a beautiful game! i love story based games and the art is amazing


Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


Hey, lovely game and graphics. If I may ask: How did you prevent Adventuron from going full-screen on game start? I couldn't figure out how to stop mine from immediately jumping into fullscreen, but I notice some other Adventuron games on itch are able to do it


Thank you!

I can't quite remember. It may be a setting in, but I also remember changing the default CSS so that the content scales to the screen differently than the default.


This game is awesome!! What engine did you use to make it?


Thank you so much! I used Adventuron to make the game during the Adventuron cavejam :~)
The artwork is an art medium called textmode. I used RexPaint for that but you might also like to try playscii or


Ah neat!! Thanks so much, it turned out amazing


I loved it! The writing and the palette of the art feel rustic, and the flavourtext hiding everywhere like little mushrooms are a delight to discover. I found all mushrooms and tried making the most tasty stew possible, and then the most poisonous stew possible. The artwork is a joy to revisit. I wish it showed pictures of the different mushrooms you find, which the Itch page background seems to have the artworks done for already. I didn't discover the save & load feature until later, but it was nice to have for experimenting with different stew recipes.

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Showing the different mushrooms would've been great! If I ever revisit I'll have to plug that in.

Your end game experience will also change depending on the events that occur in the game - whether you get prickled by thorns, or stung by bees, what you do or don't know of your parents, or if you see the easteregg. I don't think anyone has ever seen them all. I'm not sure if anyone has ever seen the hallucination monster ending, and at this point even I can't remember how to get it :~)

Thank you so much for playing. I hope you enjoyed mixing the mushrooms.

Amazing game! And amazing artwork. I haven't played a lot of text adventures before, but this game really made me interested in the genre.

I'm still not done, missing two mushrooms (I have tall, indigo, striped, russet, inky, skinny, broad and golden) and probably a lot of easter eggs, judging by the ending text.

A small bug: "EXAMINE TREE" works in all (?) rooms and says "The skinny sycamore tree has taken root is not here".

Thanks for noticing! How annoying. That'll be down to the engine's default behaviour for 'examine' looking for an object. I think that's why I created the 'look' command (that and accessibility reasons). Must be an engine thing because it looks like the message appears after you've examined the sycamore tree once. If I ever revisit the code I'll be sure to fix this, alongside things like 'listen/hear' and 'smell' text.

Good work on finding so many mushrooms! The ending changes under many different situations, not just the completion of the game. If you find no mushrooms, for example, or if you add different mushrooms to the stew, or if you don't find certain objects.

If I got your juices running for text games, also check out "Hunter, in darkness", "A dark room" and "Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and home".


I love your game Mushromm Hunt. 

I'm on and i write a few interactiv fictions

I use Inform 7 ou Ink.

Would it be possible to make a French translation of your game, using Inform 7 ? Just for fun. No commercial use of course .

I would be glad of it !




great game! i'm looking to 100% the game. things i'm still stuck on: getting past the gate, seeing the lake monster. got any hints?

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Thanks so much for investing so much time into the game! If you want to complete it 100% you should also try different combinations of mushrooms: they trigger different lines of ending text which describe different aspects of the story.

In the expected run of the game it's not possible to go beyond the gate. There's a room for the path, but it's empty. The exit is just there to make the world seem larger.

People who get out early can see the lake monster.

Did you also remember the holidaymakers? Have you seen the mural? Did you remember your parents? Have you had any of the halucination endings?

Also useful to know: You can use a SAVE command to save the game's state once you have all the mushrooms. However, getting scratches/stings may also effect the endings - as well as remembering (or not remembering) certain events.


Couldn't stop playing! This was lovely in all ways :) amazing work


things i'm still stuck on - holiday makers, remembering what happened to my parents, and the old magic word. argh! I swear I've investigated everything! but that just gives it more and more replay value I think :

For the first two, you can find them by exploring nouns which appear in descriptions. The last one is an old text gaming joke - a magic word from old computer games.

Thanks so much for playing! :)


Fun Game I loved it!


i love this game... 

i played through it a bunch of times but cannot for the life of me find the last mushroom! :( (or find the lake monster but was that a joke?)

other than that it was super fun!!! recommend totally


There is special text for the lake monster if you meet a certain set of conditions clued in the game. Which mushrooms did you find?

Thanks so much for playing! :)

I'm stuck ;( I read the book and went outside, have walked in circles (cottage, thorns, tree, gate, lake, statue, bees, pile) but I don't seem to be able to take anything or do anything. Any hint?

You should try LOOKing at nouns in the room descriptions, and the nouns those descriptions provide :)

Don't you mean EXAMINEing? :)

No, they're similar but slightly different commands. Look is sort of an alias for examine but without the built-in engine functionality which can cause hiccups.

Aha! I didn't notice that. I guess I always use X as a shorthand for EXAMINE...

Yeah, with the exception of a few bugs (like your X TREE bug), they're pretty much identical!

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Thanks so much :)


This game is so cool! The fact that there are many eastereggs made this game even more enjoyable. Can't wait to find all of them. Such a Fantastic game this is. Well done Poly :D

Fantastic game! As a casual, I was able to complete (one ending) in about 20m, which is perfect for a little adventure like this one. The scene art is incredible, and I found the descriptions and clues to be well crafted. Thoroughly enjoy revisiting areas I had seen before once I caught onto the idea of where to look for mushrooms. Well done!


Digging the art in this one.


Very cool game! I've found all the mushrooms. I didn't understand the meaning of the picture on the cave, and what are the holidaymakers, tough. Any tips?

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The picture is a reference to an old computer game called 'Hunt the Wumpus' - a game credited with being one of the very first survival horror games. The Wumpus is illustrated in textmode.

The holidaymakers memory is findable a few layers deep near a hillside.

Congratulations on finding all the mushrooms!


That looks just gorgeous!! :)


Thank you so much! :D Each of the images took 2-3 hours a piece. Except the lake, which was more like six hours. It was fun to do it but I'm certainly glad it's over haha


So that's why you signed the lake image! ;)


Good eye!