Version 1.0

SLUDGE & SORCERY is an irreverent fantasy Gameboy RPG; an expansive overworld journey from the Slime Caves to Jagged Crag, with dice-based combat, treasures, and humour. This game was made for GBJam 8, and runs under the specific hardware restrictions of the orginial gameboy, and was created entirely from scratch in 9 days using GBStudio.

Up - ↑ / W      |  Down - ↓ / S 
Left - ← / A    | Right - → / D 
A - Alt / Z / J  |  B - Ctrl / K / X 
Start - Enter  |  Select - Shift

Polyducks: Production, Code, Art Direction, Miscellaneous Art
Ben Jelter: Scene Art, Miscellaneous Art
Mig Moog: Tile Art, Miscellaneous Art
Rhoq: Combat Sprites, Miscellaneous Art
Bitmapkid: Dialogue & Story
Retroshark: Guest Art
AJ Booker: Music (Get the soundtrack!)

With thanks to:
Chris Maltby and the team at GBstudio,
and You, the player!


Download 86 kB


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Oh this totally slipped past me! Looks and sounds great!

I've heard there's a few complaints about dialogue speed, and wanted to let you know the latest development build on GitHub (soon to be called 1.2.2, not the v2beta) has slight improvements, like script performance, and a secret, holding B will speed up dialogue a bit! Might be worth trying. 

Also a little surprised you didn't add a save function, as it should be quiet easy to auto save when you sleep in game, and a menu event instead of multi choice on the title screen.

Either way, great project!

that's great news about 1.2.2! Thanks for that, I'll have to grab it.

Originally there was a save function, but the built-in save function in GBstudio would save some variables but not others. We couldn't overcome the bug so we removed it entirely.

It's a shame, because it's quite a long game. Playing it on emulator means you can quicksave, and that is enjoyable.

Without the saves it made the game more punishing, so we made death less damaging. In this build it just resets you to the first campsite :~)


Combat is innovative, art and soundtrack is nice, I think the map is well thought out for a short game, the story is a masterpiece, and I think this would be a success on a GameBoy in a GB time so...... Great Game!


This is the best GBStudio game ive played! GREAT JOB! 


★★★★ Just perfect ... the only thing that bothers me is repetitive music in a few moments and the time it takes for me to speed up the dialogue


I would've liked the dialogues to be quicker. Unfortunately that was a restriction of GBStudio. Thank you for playing :)


Oh yes, I used GB Studio, don't worry about it, the game is incredible, a shame you can't get a cell phone due to the lack of exportation for bundle, is great job and I hope you get good donations


It works on mobile phones! If you visit the page on your browser it has all the controls available :)


Tried to play, but the dialogs are endless. The only thought is "Please, let me directly to the gameplay! I'm fed up with your dialogs!!!"


The game is pretty heavy on the dialogues at the start. We wanted to break that up but the way the game was coded didn't allow for it. Speaking with Grampy slime is the last big dialogue before combat starts, so if you still have it open I'd recommend continuing!

Also best to get it as a ROM for the emulator so you can use save states.


Interesting game but the randomness feels a little artificial.


Wow, it's so beautiful!

Good lucky in the gbjam!