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This is really fun. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on but it was fun to explore the environment because it looks so cool

Eventually I figured it out and finished the game in 244 steps 

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I think the best step count we've worked out is 90, but that's without using the advanced settings at the beginning. I'm sure there's a pathway that is more optimal.

Awesome concept! I really liked the surreal vibe. Is there any dev docs one could check out about how to get that effect with palette swapping? I've been trying to implement something similar but your solution seems way more elegant.

Not yet! I'll take a look at putting something together when I've got time to spare - could be a few months though!

I’m also interested!

It's very complicated and will require diagrams. I'll get round to it eventually, I promise.


Is this rom compatible with the original gameboy dmg or is it only gameboy color?

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Only gameboy color I'm afraid. The palette swapping techniques we used requires multiple palette support.



Impressive! ❤️


Awesome because I like the style and game play, even more awesome that it can run on actual hardware


this is cool!!


Really interesting and original.
I loved it!


this is sick.


Very cool !!


love it