Game is playable on the original gameboy hardware as a downloadable ROM and in-browser on desktop and mobile!

A game entry for the Secret Santa Jam.
Art/Programming/Concept: Polyducks
Custom music by the incredibly slick Ravancloak:
Gameboy hardware screenshot by Constantin Liétard (Thank you!):

The game has three endings. There are elements of dialogue which are random each playthrough, and a pattern for the room layout generation which is possible to puzzle out. I hope you enjoy your visit to the realm of waking nightmares :~)


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As someone who is sleep deprived, I chose the sleep option

Excellent choice 😎


I really love your style of game it really have scented of cosmic horror.

Thanks, I appreciate that a lot!


Enjoyed this little game. Loved the artwork and style... made me feel like I was playing some weird '90s shareware title, but in a good way. haha! Thanks for this little journey.


Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! People say similar things about our game Mud Warriors, but it's got a little more polish if you wanted to try that.

I enjoy the roughness of this game with the textmode art and I should like to go back to it. Thanks for reminding me!


I really enjoyed this game! It was super fun to discover the various nightmare scenarios at each of the dead ends, and I appreciate that the game keeps track of them for you to help minimize frustration. The gritty lo-fi pixel art is fantastic, especially for the three closing screens. 


Thank you! The artwork is textmode which gives it that coarse, gritty feeling.

There are a lot of sneaky things going on through the gameplay which funnels the player into a very specific experience, including not-quite-random pathway generation through the doors.


I got all three goals, it took about 15 minutes This was a pretty neat game, really Lovecraft-esque! 


Nice one! :D Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it :~)


Wow, got me interested all way through. Not gonna sleep again, thanks.


So cool. This game definitely packed in some surprises! Delightfully creepy endings :D


Fun, perfectly frustrating yet easy, totally wicked.

Also, great audio and graphics.

Polyducks content is pure class.

This looks very interesting

I'm excited to try it out


Really fun game, I played through all three endings and each was satisfying. I loved the twist of the game at the end, and how I got to be a different entity every time. At one time it generated me as "Night Mother" with a giant eye and I adored it. Really interested to see what else you make, I love this kind of content.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it :) The new entity generations were a lot of fun and I think I'd like to revisit the idea of branching dialogue in another game. It's a lot of fun to illustrate and write for. All the ending content was adlibbed in the last few days of the jam, but I think that's where the game is strongest.


Got through all three endings! I love your style. 

Congratulations on your millenia of sleep and thank you for your nice words :D


Wow, the art and ambience of the game is so cool! The game reminded me a bit of Shadowgate or Déjà Vu II for GBC, and the music helps to create a dark athmosphere. Great! :)


I love it! At first I was confused but after a while I realized that the confusion was perfect. Art is so stylish!