Excelsior - a new gameboy color puzzle-adventure game

The same team that brought you Mud Warriors (Myself & PhizzyEssence) is now working on a fourth game together called "Excelsior", an adaption of the interactive fiction game of the same name by Arthur DiBianca.

The player takes the role of a puzzle-adventurer exploring converted towers in a richly built scenic backdrop.

The game features art by yours truly, programming by Phizzy (Lance Campbell), with puzzles contributed and adapted from celebrated writer Arthur DiBianca's puzzle IF game Excelsior.

We intend to fund this one into a full game, and are currently working on the demo to present the Kickstarter for the project.

I hope this update finds you well!



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It looks so good!!

damned, I thought this is a release announcement. then it's the waiting game :P

Sorry! I tried to keep it as lowkey as possible haha. We've already done significant work on the demo, so you shouldn't need to wait too long until the next not-quite-a-release announcement.


This is exciting!!!