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Used in my entry for the Last Stand gamejam.

It's a really good retro font. Thank you for letting us devs use your asset!


You've made excellent use of it, it looks great in your game. Thank you!


I have looked at this font so many times and never used it, but I finally fixed that in my entry to the Godot Wild Jam.

Thank you so much for making cool, accessible stuff that makes it so wieners like me don't have to struggle their way through things like fonts. You're the best! 


Excellent! I'm glad you made good use of the font, and thank you for linking back, it's much appreciated :~)

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Hello, thanks a lot for the wonderful assets. 
I'm a bit confused with the license, I want to build an open-source project using the assets, but I'll also need to update a few of the sprites (like the house sprite for example, I am not planning on updating any fonts), am I not allowed to do that? even though I attribute and link to this page.

Asking this cause if I do use this asset, then a spritesheet with the sprites (only the one's I've used) + custom ones I've created will be put in the public git repo, so just wanted to make sure (is this considered as redistribution?)

Thanks in advance. sorry I'm bad at license stuff

Hello, sorry for the delay.

Yes, under the license terms this would be a redistribution and would not be within the terms of the font. I don't imagine any ill intent on your behalf, but once it's in an open-source repository the font's status becomes a little murky from a user point of view. If you have already purchased the font I can issue a refund.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks for the reply,

I was about to make the repo public next week or so, so I'll have to resolve this unfortunate situation I've gotten myself into.

I have a sprite sheet with around 35 sprites (mostly a combination of a bunch of pixel sprites from itch) that I use in the game. Out of them 12 are from this asset page. Can I recreate those 12 sprites by taking these as an inspiration and be able to make the repo public by crediting this page as an inspiration for those sprites?

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Oh, sorry, I think I misunderstood - I was under the impression that the spritesheet contained all of the font. You have my permission to use those 12 chars in your repo's font.

Link me up when you're done, I'd love to see it.

Sure thing. thanks a lot :)


thanks this looks great!


Been trying to get this font into a very specific game on the PSP. It's a homebrew, and the only reason why I'm asking is because the font that was used is... well... kinda ugly (as you can see), so I wanted to use this one. I've had experience with this font before, and actually want to get into ASCII art stuff, so I can fully use this. Anywho, before I pretty much end up writing the bible here, long story short, when ever I try loading this font into the game, it shows up as a garbled mess. I've narrowed it down to the amount of characters in the png file, and the size in general, compared to the default. If I could have some help on how to fix this, or convert stuff, I'd be really happy. (PS: sorry for my crappy writing, I'm writing this at 5am on a phone, I'll probably have a way more, well, understandable way of writing this later)

If the text is garbled, it probably boils down to how you're encoding the font. I'm not familiar with PSP infrastructure so I'm uncertain how helpful I can be, though I imagine it has something to do with requiring a wide set of characters. Note also that, while close, Kitchen Sink isn't an exact 1:1 mapping for the ASCII encoding, so you may have to rearrange it slightly.


I'm sorry, could you explain more?



This is a really cool character set! I made a kitchen-sink.char file to go alongside the PNG for use with Playscii:

// "Kitchen Sink" by Retroshark and Polyducks
// (characters 0 and 33 are swapped to keep index 0 blank)
16, 16

Wow! JP in the metaflesh! Thanks so much! May I add this to the distribution?

Note: REXPaint has an issue where space (32) is blanked regardless of what you put into it, which forced my hand in that decision. Nowadays I just always assume 0 and 32 to be blank.

Sure thing! Feel free to modify that data I posted however you like to make it work optimally.


Pretty cool!!!

Hello! I just made an interesting discovery that I thought I'd share. I'm aiming to use the font to make a lil trad roguelike game. Turns out, the png included in the downloads has an alpha channel, which for some reason means that the tilesheet importer in tcod gets confused. Took me ages to work out that this is why the tiles weren't showing up! I fixed it by saving it as a jpg and then turning it back into a png from there. I don't know if there are other contexts where having an alpha channel in the png is useful, but this might be something to consider tweaking in the download?

Very glad I've got it working - it's a beautiful font and I'm looking forward to doing some cool stuff with it xx

Thanks for sharing your solution, I'm sure it will be useful to other users who run into the same issue :)

I shouldn't expect an alpha channel to cause an issue with an imaging API - I imagine that would be a big problem. It might be worth issuing as a bug to tcod on their git repo.

The png is exported at 4bit by default (not entirely sure why) - though looking into it I could probably crunch it down to 1bit. I'm not sure if that will remove the alpha channel or if that will have a negative impact on other implementations.

How did your experiments go?

Thanks for the reply! I will take your suggestion viz the tcod repo - you're absolutely right.

The experiments are ongoing! I have a few weeks off in a few weeks so I'm hoping to hammer it into something playable by then.

very cool :D Ping us when you've got something to show off!

lol two years have passed - but I've finally got something to show for this :D

A very early draft of the game I described above is now playable here. Hope you like it! I've got a lot more planned. The font remains a massive inspiration. I think about it all the time.

This is a really pretty game. I struggled playing it for the first time, but from what I understand you must use the QWEASDZXC keys to move and point your friends in the direction of the way to leave. You  can make signs to make the process a bit more fluid too. Is that right?


Would you consider the font being present with credit and license disclaimers alongside the other game files in a github repository a violation of the license? I like to make my games opensource when I can, but I don't want to violate anyone's license


In this case, make sure there is credit in the game as well as attached to the font file itself. If you're including the ttf in the git repo, title it something like "kitchen-sink-by-retroshark-and-polyducks.ttf" with the license.txt alongside in the same folder. This way, players and people looking at the source code will know the attribution. Thanks for asking, we hope you enjoy it! :~)


Great work! One bit of feedback on the TTF, though. The glyph for the "X-button" uses Combining Latin Small Letter X (U+036F). The combinator makes it pretty tough to use. E.g. it combines in the mappings like this: ßͯ

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Thanks for letting us know!

Is it that specific character (U+036F) which causes the issue? How can I avoid that in the future? Would moving it to a different char resolve the issue?

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Sure thing, and thanks again for the excellent font!

For some additional context: The problem is that the glyph can't be input individually given that it is mapped to a combining character. And, when combined with another character, it is placed above it like thisͯ or this̽. See the "Block" and "Combining Class" in, for example.

Mapping the glyph to any printable character that can be input individually would solve the problem. If I may suggest, the Multiplication Sign (U+00D7) "×" from the Latin-1 Supplement -block could be a good option.

Here's my exact test case:

OHHHHHH I see! Thanks for the explanation. The X character appears above the previous character like a 2 in a square number. Yes, okay, I can fix that. Good suggestion for the replacement too. I'll put out a log when it's live.



Thanks for that :) I've given you a shoutout in the changelog and the about file. New versions of the TTF and the character map have been uploaded.


Amazing font, thank you for sharing!

Thank you!


Enjoy playing with it :)