Bugfix 1.1

X button character fix
A fix to the gamepad 'x' button character which was mapped to a combinator character. This has now been changed to U+00D7(×). Thanks to Bearror who pointed this out to us (and also explained how to fix it). The TTF files (both plain and inverted), the character map and the about files have been updated accordingly.

License clarity
Updated the license to give clarity to how it can be used in content editing software:

ADDENDUM I - Editors, tools and creation software
* When used in editors or programs which allow the user to output their own content using the font (image editors, game creation tools, text editors etc), permission is granted on the condition that the user of your software can clearly see the credits for the font within the editor. "Kitchen Sink by Retroshark and Polyducks", "Font by Retroshark and Polyducks" or some variation of the above as is suitable. The intent is to allow a curious party to backtrack to find the origin of the font in the case where a user doesn't credit the font."

Added a changelog
People love changelogs


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