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Just played this for the second or third time. What a gem. Congratulations.

Wow, thank you. That means a lot.


Wow! I don't know where to start.. Seriously.. Everything was so cool. Gameplay, art, animations, sounds, music, and obviously its story that kept me stuck for the time to complete the game.

I initially downloaded the ROM to play it on my Anbernic console (which is being shipped right now) but couldn't resist more so I gave the game a try on my phone (using the emulator John GBC - my favorite for Android) and.. Oh, mud boy! Here I am.. I already completed the game before my console arrived, lol..

Thank you very very much for this masterpiece!

I'd have participated in KS campaign or would have been glad to throw you some dollars back because I really think you guys deserve some for this very cool game.

With muddy love 😘


Thank you so much! We're always glad when we hear how much people enjoyed the game.

We'll be running a kickstarter for our next game, Excelsior, later in the year. We're still working on polishing the demo right now. If you follow my itch account I'll make an announcement when it's ready :~)

Awesome! I'll keep an eye on this, thanks for the info :)


For anyone in the comments - I loved this game so much I did a three part YouTube playthrough and deep dive, including getting into the secrets / bonus content/ wider world references! Spoiler warning especially for Part 3 which covers the secret bonus stuff, but you may want to check it out if you get stuck or if you're curious what you may have missed. Big thanks again to the devs for making such a fun, nostalgic game, with heart and depth to dig into <3


And thanks to you for doing such a great video covering our game. It was a lot of fun to see how you played your way through it :).


Lovely writing! Beautiful game!!!

Thanks for playing and your kind words!


Beat it!

Great story, great vibe 90s. Everyday I looking for games that change my life for better. Mud Warriors is modern classic in Game Boy indie style.

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Good job! And thank you so much for playing our game and this amazing review! :)


Nice Game, with a super Story

Thanks for trying out our game and your kind comments :).


This game was a challenge, that's not something you see everyday.

This is a game I would come back to, it's like a game I would get from a store.

I love the difficulty! The dialog, the map, the artstyle is top notch.

You should sell physical cartridges! It'd be great to experience on my GBA.


Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed it! I'd like to release some physical games in the future. Still investigating different ways to do this :~)


Awesome experience, I've completed the story 2 times and it was amazing. Is there any chance there is going to be a sequel for the game? Overall good game. Sorry for my English 


No current plans for a sequel for this story, but we will continue making GB Studio games as long as there are people willing to play them. :)

Thanks for your positive review.


just finished this game, what a great time. I laughed the whole way through the game, finished it with a huge smile on my face. this was flawless.

What a lovely review. Thank you!


Absolutely incredible. The color scheme, the writing, the art, the story, just totally brilliant. It's so funny in such a unique way. Looking at the comments here...I think I missed whatever the secret content is! So I guess now I gotta go back and look haha.

Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It was such a pleasure to make.

We'd be thrilled to know what you think of it :~D


That was an awesome experience. Dialog, aesthetic, overall atmosphere, music, characters, all of that brings a lot of nostalgia from my own school time as well as lots of surprises from this awesome adventure. Loved it. I generally never play games on the webpage but I ended up stuck to this one. Might flash it onto my flashcard so my friends and roommates can enjoy it on the toilet's gameboy. Thanks for your work!

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game. We always love to hear that people are enjoying and interacting with our work. Did you find the secret content?

I'm surprised that you have a toilet gameboy - I hope you disinfect it once a week!

I'm not sure about the secret content. How obvious is it to know that it's the secret content once you found it?
Of course I disinfect it, just in case, because you're supposed to use it WHILE doing your stuff, not AFTER the toilet paper, eeek.

haha the logistics of a toilet gameboy I'd never thought I'd need to consider!

You should know when something weird happens. You'll find it if you poke about in odd places.


Well in this case I might already have found some secret content (and I laughed during the animation)!


This is probably the best game ever played. I installed it on my private raspberry pi zero 2 w emulator and it was one of the best game expiriences I ever had.

This was really heartwarming to read, thank you :~) We're really glad you had such a good time with it.

I really want to see more of this game. Maybe snow wars next 

I'm interested to know - what was it you liked most about the game?


The story. I thought the concept was amazing.  The only thing that could be beter is the combat system.

I agree! I think the combat could be much more tactical or cinematic. The story and characters is the work of Lance Campbell and Ryan Veeder, they're excellent writers.


Lovely game! I loaded and played this on my Miyoo Mini game console, which was just the perfect medium for enjoying this little gem. Now I gotta play the text adventure! Is there a secret in the text adventure too?

Wow, the Miyoo! Could you snap some pictures for us? That sounds great!


Here's one!

And one more.

Thanks for this! What a wonderful device. I'm glad you got to play the game in your hands.

Found this game through The Short Game podcast.
I really like the vibes and the taking-yourself-too-seriously jokes

The Short Game is one of my favorite Podcasts and they are huge supporters of the Indie Game community. Glad you found us through them! :)

how is it


OMG I love playing this game!! Really good jokes and the credits were so great. You guys inspired me a lot. Thanks for this pice of art ^^


Thanks. Glad you liked the credits. We had a lot of fun putting those together.

They were extreamly funny, thanks I laugh a lot


This game is so great!! Love the jokes, the music and the vibe. Reminds me of the humour from point and click games like curse of monkey island. I'm just starting with GB studio and this is so inspiring, thanks for your awesome work :D

Thank you! I'm so happy we could be a source of inspiration.

The humour is definitely from Ryan Veeder's writing, amplified by Lance's additions. They're both from the oldschool scene.


Awesome! :D


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed our game! :)


wow this is amazing! Thank you very much, that’s how I remember my childhood crazy adventures, music is amazing too I spent I while chilling with mike just listening


Thanks! Glad you played it and enjoy the nostalgia and the music.


This game is amazing!!!! best GB studio homebrew I've ever tried. <3

Thank you so much :~)


This is the best GB Studio game I've played. Excellent art, music & writing. Loved the world building (and the secret too).

Thanks so much, and congratulations on finding the secret :~)


Cool. You are only the second person I have heard from that found the secret. Congrats!

may I have a hint to it pls?

Look for a message in the end credits.

Very cool! Awesome art!


Thanks! I agree. Polyducks did an amazing job on each set piece in the game.

Just played through this, it was great I loved it 😊

Thank you for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed it :).


just played and beat. Love how seriously the ending was driven πŸ’€ . The world building is phenomenal. 


Appreciate the positive feedback. Glad you enjoyed our muddy game :).


With the newly released Analogue Pocket, and the newest update for GB Studios, are you planning to publish the .pocket version of this game? I’d love to be able to play this on my Pocket, so I hope so!


We tried exporting it last night, and it doesn't convert well. The code will need gutting and redoing in version 3.0 for it to be anywhere close to an analogue pocket release. Considering it took roughly six months to finish, we might be a while off from making a pocket release. That said, we're going to keep trying to see what we can get, and I've been looking over converting some of my other games.


I think @Polyducks and I are trying to decide if we should invest the time and effort in moving this game up to 3.0, which is a decent development effort (as he already mentioned), or if we should move to a new GB Studio 3.0 project entirely, or both.

Regardless, we are very excited about the Analogue Pocket, GB Studio version 3.0 and all of the potential and possibilities of game development in 2022! :)

Not sure if you saw this twitter thread but it looks like the creator of GB Studio is looking into some options for exporting 2.x games to work with the Analogue Pocket:

If this work is successful, we will definitely do an Analogue Pocket export.

Good news! We just uploaded the Analogue Pocket version of Mud Warriors.

Please try it out and let us know how it works for you!


An absolutely delightful game! I played it on stream and really enjoyed it. Also, I found a thing in the credits, and I feel like there's some way to translate it:



I don't remember seeing any talismans tho...


I found the talisman and, uh, I have a lot of questions about that cutscene now lol

haha congratulations, I think you're the first and also I'm not entirely convinced you've reached the bottom of that particular rabbit hole.


Cool! Glad to hear someone found it :).

So, in the cutscene, did your character end up getting banished?


<span class="style-scope yt-formatted-string" <this="" game="" is="" very="" good!="" one="" of="" my="" favorite="" homebrew="" gameboy="" games.="" i="" did="" a="" speed="" run="" on="" this="" <="" span="">This game is very good! One of my favorite homebrew Gameboy games. I did a speed run on this game.</span>


I love the idea of doing a speed run on a slower, exploratory, narration-driven game. That's a lot of button mashing :). Thanks for doing this.


A visually stunning game!! I love how it takes the best aesthetic values of early pokemon overworlds and also pushes its restricted palette to the limit to make really beautiful scenes.

I haven't played the original but I am a big fan of the dialog and mood here, and I really like how it feels like a text adventure translated as an RPG. It makes exploring the world around you engaging.


Thanks for your kind words. Adapting an IF game was definitely an experiment for us. Glad it was something you enjoyed.


Mud Warriors is really cool!


Thanks for your support and for playing our game!

Your welcome, thanks for making an awesome game!


Really cool game ! Awesome experience !

Thank you for playing!

I got notifications for some other messages you've left me, but they're not appearing. Did they get deleted?


That was fantastic! Thank you!


Thanks for playing!


Great Game

Thank you!


Reminds me of Charlie Brown in that it totally creates a world these characters inhabit. Amazing work. The end sequence is a great payoff!

Thanks so much :~) I'm really glad people are able to sink into the world - the writers worked really hard to give them all strong, individual 'voices'.

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Ok , this got to be one of the best games ive played this year :p

I didnt know what I was playing at first but after a while playing I fell in love with it! Great job! Could easy be a perfect game if I could skip the same dialogueI got before from the same person xD but thats just me! LOVED IT!

here is my gameplay if you want to see,

Excellent, I look forward to watching through :~)


This is a master piece! Amazing

Thanks Pete :~)

Superb storytelling. I usually don't finish games at one go but on this one, I could not stop playing.  Great aesthetics. It would have been better if there is something to do in the actual mud fight. Some strategy maybe that we could apply to win matches where our stars are lower than our opponent.

Yes, the deterministic nature of the combat was something we discussed quite a bit, so I appreciate your feedback. Glad you enjoyed the story.


War has left me scarred. More please

We've ruined your childhood memories :).

I'm sure you will be hearing more from our little group soon. Thanks!


Every character is unique and has depth, which is pretty amazing with so few words. The art and animations really add to the gameplay and story. The music seemed to be pretty authentic gameboy style, and always felt fitting (I look forward to the full OST release!). I love that when played on mobile, the buttons are provided at the bottom half of the screen - like playing on a real gameboy!
My only wish was for a save feature, since I got half way through on my phone and when I opened the page the next day I had to start over. And it would be nice to go back and try to find a final piece of something I missed. But overall, I loved this and it got some mud on my heart - great job, team!


Thanks for your kind words and insight on our game.

There actually is an autosave feature in the game but I haven't been able to get it to work on my iPhone either. It should work in the browser and I *think* I tested the rom on an emulator and it worked there as well.

But, yeah, the phone implementation has been a bit iffy.


game has a soul


Thanks! That's exactly what we were going for so it's nice to hear we achieved that for you.


whelp that's an easy 10/10


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed our little game.

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