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how to use that talisman?

The coin-shaped talisman is a secret 👀

Vending machine

just got an analogue pocket and i was looking for some new gbc games to try, for fun. 

so glad i played this. what a charming and inspiring little game.

Thank you, what a wonderful comment :)


this is fantastic! Well done all! Was this developed entirely in GB Studio?

Thank you! It was created with GB Studio, yes! The artwork was made in paint dot net and aseprite.


Nice Game :D

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

I cant replay where i saved


oh no! Where did you save? What happens? Were you playing on PC or on a gaming hardware?

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Thanks for responding and handling the situation well.


played on an anbernic RG350M

This has been so much fun! Gameplay, story, dialogues, soundtrack all 10/10 !

Good job guys!


Thanks for playing our game and your kind review :)


Hi if you would like to make physical carts , let me know, i do this for a living. We csn work togheter and be partners 


Hello. A lack of response was not permission to publish a physical copy of our game. I've sent you a message on Etsy. Thank you.

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Very interesting and fun short experience!

I love the high quality pixel art and how it captures the text to speech vibe very well while still encouraging exploration. I think I did miss something I could find but it didn't seem to matter much so it's okay!

Can't seem to figure out how to rate it, I'd say 9.9/10 if only for the sprite changes at the start making the characters verryyy briefly invisible before the next sprite. That's just minor nitpicking and could just as well be a limitation. Other than that it's perfect!

EDIT: I figured out how to review on my phone lol

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Hey there, thanks for playing our game and this great review!

You are correct, there are some flicker problems with the introduction that started appearing after an update to the GB Studio engine, in the middle of our development, well after that code, and those sprites, had been created.

Happens in Potbound as well during the push/pull puzzle, but I didn't have time to address it in a Game Jam game.

I have, since then, figured out a hack around the flicker bug, which I have used successfully in Excelsior, but it requires extra resources. Unfortunately, the Mud Warriors introduction scene is already packed full with resources, up to the maximum limits. It would require a complete overhaul to get it working correctly again. Maybe someday :).

Good eye and, again, thanks for playing.


Amazing! 10/10 without any doubt

Thank you so much, that means a lot to us :~)

will this ever be available on a physical cartridge? I'd easily buy it

We don’t have any current plans to make physical copies of this game. Good to know there is interest though. Maybe we will consider this idea in the future. 

would it be ok to make a bootleg repro? 

Feel free to make one reproduction for personal use - we'd love to see it! To cover ourselves: you (whackonaut) can make one reproduction as long as:

* You don't publish the files used to make the reproduction or give them away to others
* You don't distribute the finished reproduction to other people and
* Include the copyright information on the box (Mudwarriors (c) Ryan Veeder, Lance Campbell and Ben Jones)

With all this recent interest I'm going to take a cursory look into making a short physical production run of Mud Warriors - I'll post a dev log update if I find something.

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