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The Gameplay

The game takes place in space, where you work as a delivery pilot for THINGS from the orbital space station on a nearby planet. THINGS appear there and people want them. You fly out to the space station which is a big series of interconnected rooms. Your spaceship computer gives you directions to find the THING, then you must get to the THING and make it back to your ship while negotiating limited air. Eventually when you have enough THINGS you bring them back home, only to be asked to fetch more THINGS! The loop begins again.


This year's GBJam was one of the biggest we've had yet. As the proprietor, I didn't have time for a full entry (and would it be ethical if I did, knowing the theme a full year in advance?). Instead, I focused on making a few screenshots for the game I'd like to make so I can encourage other entrants to make their own partial entries.

The game is already partially coded and I'd like to spend some time polishing it with more illustrations and finally releasing it as a physical cart with a booklet.

[!] This isn't a playable game

(Yet). Please rate this sketch accordingly.

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