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The Short Version

SpaceProblem is a simple, textmode-art looping puzzle-adventure game for the Gameboy.

When funding for SpaceProblem reaches a new threshold, a new feature will be added.

SpaceProblem is free to play on and there are .pocket and .gb ROMs for sale.

Future Development

SpaceProblem started as a rough concept for GBJam 2023 - you can see the initial page here. Over the past year I've polished it to make it a full, replayable game in my free time.

With your help, I'd like to develop it into something more by adding new features like navigation tools, encounters within the space station, a score chart and a shop. Perhaps a developing space-city. There are a lot of ways the game could develop, and I'd like to spend more time on creating it, but I also need to spend my time on projects that pay my bills.

Anyone who buys the game will own all future digital versions of it. If I add more features, the price will increase to reflect the features. I'm setting a threshold on purchases for more developments, and as each threshold is met I'll add more to the game.

The game is free to play on itch, but the .pocket and .gb ROMs are sold at a fee which matches the quality of the gameplay. Even without the promise of new features, I always endeavor to give players quality for their money.

The Gameplay

The game takes place in space, where you work as a delivery pilot delivering THINGS from the space station oribiting the moon. THINGS appear there and people want them. You fly out to the space station which is a big series of interconnected rooms. Your spaceship computer gives you directions to find the THING, then you must get to the THING with your limited air and make it back to your ship. Eventually when you have enough THINGS you bring them back home, only to be asked to fetch more THINGS! The loop begins again.


SpaceProblem includes a playable ROM for the Analogue Pocket and the Gameboy series of consoles (including Gameboy Color, DMG and Gameboy Pocket). The greyscale consoles still display the game well, but obviously show without the vibrant colours.

[!] A fully playable game!

Yes, it works on real consoles!

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
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GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Tags2D, analogue-pocket, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, Pixel Art, Retro, rom, textmode


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